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Calvin Klein's 1995 Fiasco

This being vintage_ads, let me sully your brand new, innocent New Year with some highly questionable After Dark ads courtesy of Calvin Klein:


FULL STORY HERE (involving untrue accusations of child pornography, semi-true accusations of looking like a cheap porno movie set, and entirely true accusations of a really bad series of ads (five more via the link).

You are so young, Mama

From the wonderful German-language vintage site, vongestern.com (fromyesterday) comes this Swiss ad:

Crème Malacéïne, 1936


She seems to be the sister of her son!

A mother always watches with a certain bitterness as her children grow up.  The more her daughter becomes a woman, the more her son grows into a man, the more she believes "that her time is past".

Why this bitterness?  Haven't you ever wondered about these happy mothers, whom we often mistake for the sister of her kids on account of their fresh skin and their dazzling complexion?


A few minutes of daily care can let you look many years younger.  But choose a cream that not only works on the surface, but also (and in particular) works on the inner tissue of your skin, which is of course extremely sensitive.  MALACEINE Cream is prepared especially for this skin-penetrating effect.  It enlivens the weakened productive layers and helps them bring forth new, powerful and supple cells.  It also protects the surface of the skin, it gives it back the softness and elasticity of a 20-year-old and continually removes the wrinkles that are already beginning to drag their furrows.

Crème Malacéïne 
     say Ma-las-say-een


1970s comic book ads: Guns, counterfeiting machines, and Cayman Island accounts...for kids!

These ads are taken from a post I made called "The Scooby Doo Drinking Game" (basically, you take a drink whenever you see something that would NEVER fly in a Scooby comic today). I took out the advertisement sections and posted them here because I thought you'd get a kick out of them. If you want to see scans of the whole comics (and/or play the drinking game), check them out here.

Ads under the cut....Collapse )

1970s Comic Ads: "Scooby Doo: WTF"

These ads were captured from this CD Rom of Scooby comics from the early to mid 1970s (which can be purchased for a bargain at Amazon) :

And, surprise surprise, many of them are inappropriate for the target demographic and seem to have been approved by someone who was high. ENJOY!

NOTE: This section of ads was cut from a review of this CD Rom that I did for the scooby_doo comm. If you want to see what the actual story content of the books are like, click here for the full review.

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