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2 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

7 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Snowmen and Bands/Artists starting with W

Ads that have snowmen in them


Bands/Artists starting with W: The Who, Wendy & Lisa, Weird Al, Willy Nelson, Wham! (Last Christmas I gave you my heart...)

Earl Scheib auto painting

A Facebook post reminded me of something I hadn't heard since I was a kid back in the day--"What a Scheib job!" and had no idea it had basis in reality. It was especially funny having grown up in Canada where there were no local Earl Scheibs. Earl Scheib was famous for his inexpensive car painting and automobile repairs as well as his eponymous print, radio and TV ads. The company, which began in 1937, no longer exists as it once was.

Contest Starts Tomorrow!

4 Monday Contest Starts: Pen & Ink Ads --- Ads that have pen & ink images, there CAN be proper type; but there needs to be a pen/ink element to it.

Our Rule Post:

1. You MUST put 'Contest Entry' in the subject line for me to tally your votes

2. All regular Vintage Ads' rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per post please

3. Voting is via a YES in the comments

4. The most important rule of Vintage Ads: HAVE FUN!

This week's upcoming events...

4 Monday Contest Starts: Pen & Ink Ads

5 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Silver and Department Stores

7 Thursday ONE DAY EVENTS: Snowmen and Bands/Artists starting with W

8-10 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Pine Trees (including Christmas Trees) and Potatoes and Cameras (Photo)

Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!


Monthly theme is: Dead Celebrities (uh, pretty self-explanatory methinks, any celebrity that is dead) in ads (and in life/they're no longer alive)

1-3 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: (Dec 1 is World AIDS Day) Condoms and People with Disabilities in Ads (12/3 is International Day of Person with Disabilities) and Buses (12/1 is the day Rosa Parks was arrested)

Ads for condoms


People with disabilities in ads (are there any such ads? we'll find out!)


Ads with buses