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Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

18-20 Friday - Sunday Weekend Event: Ads from England and Vintage Ads After Dark

Ads from England! Let's see some British ads!


Vintage Ads After Dark: these are ads that are considered risque, deal with adult themes, and/or NSFW.

Let's shop! One Day Event.

The little cowboy mascot, Alphy, was fun. An Alpha Beta was across the street from Gran and Gramps' home because the other side of the street was zoned commercial in their small town. It sure was convenient to walk across to shop - in later years the large building became batting cages for Little Leaguer practice, also fun. At Christmas each year a local rancher brought in a few reindeer to a small pen inside to show kids what they were like! Short, is what they were like, maybe 4 feet at the shoulder. Somehow I'd pictured them elk-sized.
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One Day Event TOMORROW!

16 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT: Grocery Ads

Ads from grocery stores advertising sales, ads for grocery stores, ads that include depictions of grocery stores, ads that take place in a grocery, you catch my drift by now I'm sure! :D

Ferrero Rocher

I was reading about the mystique of Ferrero Rocher recently and a lot of people linked to some memorable European ads from over the years. Unfortunately most of them are not in English. It would be nice to have them translated!

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