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I have been searching desperately for an ad about THIS MASTERPIECE from 1969/1972 [caution: nausea-inducing editing] but I couldn't find one, so here are three others for the regular kind of popcorn.

A Dutch ad for popcorn.
(a natural product rich in vitamins and proteins)

A great old machine (1946) to "solve your popcorn problem", and UL approved.

And an ad for a terrible teen movie that fails almost every test of current morés. Extensive theorizing suggests that this (the dick in the box) cannot really be done as imagined without penile injury or popcorn spillage and is most likely anecdotal.  But if you've tried it, by all means speak up.

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The Abdomenizer

One of the things I miss about TV are the latest "as seen on TV" commercials. Maybe it's a generational thing or the aloof desire these products bring. You know it probably won't work, but...

I happened to catch this article tantalizingly titled "The retro piece of exercise equipment my parents couldn’t give up". If that's not a "But wait, there's more!" call to action, I don't know what is. I was both embarrassed and shocked to discover that I am now officially old - that everything from my teenage years is retro :-D

Anyway, a little Googling revealed that The Abdomenizer is actually a Canadian invention and that it was developed by a real doctor, not an actor. Judging from the comments on the video, some people swear by it...so, who knows?


From the video description: "The last show of the Serious Moonlight tour, 8th December, 1983, was the 3rd anniversary of John Lennon's death, whom Bowie and Slick knew. Slick suggested a few days prior to the show that they play "Across the Universe" as a tribute; but Bowie said, "Well if we're going to do it, we might as well do 'Imagine'." They performed the song on the final night of the tour as a tribute to their friend."