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Welcome to Vintage Ads!!

Welcome!!! Please read our community rules (not many, but alas they are necessary) right here !!

If you wish to know the latest events happening here's our upcoming events here!!

If you have some ads you'd like to post for an event but won't be around or available, here is how to do a scheduled post.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!! You can PM me here on LJ or email me (please put vintage ads in the subject). If you are a regular long time member and if phoning is easier for you, contact me and I'll even give you my phone #.
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2 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

29 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Funeral Related and BBQ

Any kind of Funeral Related ad: for caskets, funeral homes, taking pix before they're dead (there's just one of those ads), etc


Ads involving BBQ in any way, shape, or form, since it's the unofficial kick off to BBQ season in the US
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This week's upcoming events...

29 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Funeral Related and BBQ

31 Wednesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Hump Day Hunks and Bananas


Monthly theme is: Birds (Bonus theme: Rainbows for Pride Month!)

2-4 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: TV Super Heroes and Glad this is gone and Wedding/Brides

Weekend Event - Unpopular Opinions: 1952 Birds Eye

All the hip bistros and fashionable restaurants around here seem to have Brussels sprouts fever.  They roast them, grill them, shred them, wok them, douse them with exotic condiments, and serve them with a flourish.

In my humble, and apparently unpopular, opinion, Brussels sprouts are sulfuric balls of ick whose primary reason for existence was to punish children in the '70s, and no bacon-basalmic-dukkah drizzle is going to change that.
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Weekend Events Starting tomorrow!!

26-28 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Star Wars (it was released May 25, 1977) and Over-Hyped Events and Unpopular Opinions

Ads for anything involving Star Wars


Ads for Over-Hyped Events (open to interpretation as always) so if you think the Super Bowl is over-hyped, post an ad, I'd personally go for the Olympics


Unpopular Opinions ie: I don't Star Wars, so I'd post a Star Wars based ad and say I saw it in 1977 and didn't like, then had to see the next one and again, didn't like. Please respect people's opinions but don't be mean or attack people who like the things you don't like.