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Contest Entry

Why is a baby getting fly ridden? Another question, what's worst flies or DDT? That's more easy to answer! Now I wanna listen to Black Flag for some reason.


This week's upcoming events...

This month's themes is walls and fences.

As always a reminder will post the day before the event.

21 Monday ONE DAY EVENTS: Positive depictions of African Americans in ads

22 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Weight loss and/or gain ads AND Typewriters

25-27 Friday-Sunday Weekend Event: Smokey the Bear & Woodsy Owl AND Boxed Food AND Adjusted for Inflation* (* = Ads where we take the price given and convert it to today's price)


I have been searching desperately for an ad about THIS MASTERPIECE from 1969/1972 [caution: nausea-inducing editing] but I couldn't find one, so here are three others for the regular kind of popcorn.

A Dutch ad for popcorn.
(a natural product rich in vitamins and proteins)

A great old machine (1946) to "solve your popcorn problem", and UL approved.

And an ad for a terrible teen movie that fails almost every test of current morés. Extensive theorizing suggests that this (the dick in the box) cannot really be done as imagined without penile injury or popcorn spillage and is most likely anecdotal.  But if you've tried it, by all means speak up.