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Addresses in Ads

Illustrations! Sex charts! Explanations! Sex is more than "Just lay there and think of England"!


247 W. 19th St, NYC today. There's no # on the door and it shares the same cladding at 245, though you can tell from the spacing in it, it was once a separate building.

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19-21 Friday-Sunday Weekend Events: Fashions from the 1950s & 1960s AND Addresses in Ads AND the Moon (July 20th is Moon Day)

Ads for/containing fashions from the 1950s & 1960s


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Ads containing the moon for the moon landing

Favorite Movie: The Great Dictator 1949

Instead of just the clip of Chaplin's speech, this is a longer clip with a short speech by the minister of propaganda who says that "Liberty, democracy and equality are words to fool the people, no nation can progress with such ideas, they stand in the way of action and therefore we frankly abolish them..."...um...why did those words seem familiar and frightening? He speaks further about the inferiority of Jews and their rights being taken away, then Chaplin gives his speech, which is something I think every American definitely needs to hear right now.