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Classic Films

I'm a huge Erich von Stroheim fan. Though Queen Kelly wasn't completed there is a pretty well done version you can watch. For areas there was no filming, they have placards describing the scene.


In my opinion you HAVE to see Queen Kelly to get more depth in Sunset Boulevard. Where von Stroheim, who lost his Hollywood director's career, basically due to his overspending on sets and everything being real (banquet scene in Queen Kelly? Real champagne, etc), and he's playing the butler to Swanson's aging faded silent film star. Queen Kelly sort of bankrupted Swanson's production company (side note, her company was funded by Joe Kennedy, whom she was having an affair with, read her auto-bio, it is fascinating!)


2 One Day Events TOMORROW!!

19 Tuesday ONE DAY EVENTS: Shampoo AND Classic Movies, according to YOU

Ads for Shampoo (yes, ads for the movie Shampoo fit the theme!)


Ads for Classic Movies, according to YOU! Screw those lists of 'top 10/50/100 classic movies' with films that make you go "WHAT?!" What would YOU consider a classic movie? You do not have to tell us why either. My icon should inform you that I consider The Burbs a classic. Is it on par with Chaplin's Modern Times? NO! But in my book BOTH are classics!

Two 1990s ads with Don Cherry

Erstwhile loudmouth and hockey commentator Don Cherry's latest controversy reminded me of these two ads.

1991 Anacin

The humour in this ads comes from imagining life with Don Cherry and stars his first wife, Rose. Rose passed away from cancer in 1997.

1993 Sports Select

Sports Select is a Canada wide provincial sports betting game that was created in the early 90s.