Do I need to be wearing different pants now that I've graduated?? I missed the memo!
Did you notice how we don't seem to call them slacks anymore? Pants. I remember talk of slacks in the 70's, but not so much today.
Yeah! When I was little I thought "slacks" were old lady pants, because I only heard my grandma and other old ladies say it.
I cannot conceive of a time where those pants were EVER considred "manly".
My favorite part is describing the assortment of available patterns as a "mighty medley." The copy-writer must have been feeling daring that day.
Wait, no! You've combined halves of two totally different ads there.
hey...what do they have against us folks in the west? why we got to pay more for our post-grad slacks? we have student loans to pay too!
Who's ya plaidy?

And "slighter higher" in the west...? That means a leaner cut and elevated to the armpits? Or the ad firm for Post-Grad Slacks was staffed by non-grads? Or was it just the "Piss on Proofreading!" movement showin' how to stick it to the Man?