this seems like it could be in the running for most useless product ever invented.
Damn, I...I...I...

I got nothin'. That's some suggestive shit right there, but I think my brain broke with all the possibilities.
I don't know if we had a tube of this product, but I do remember taking apart at least one cube and applying some clear goop so it's stop catching on itself.
"Offer expires August 31, 1982"

Wow... Time flies. 26 years ago I'd have probably bought some of that to lube my cube.

Rubik's Cube, that is.
what i found humorous (besides the obvious) is that this was obviously not sanctioned by rubik's - it was a little before my time, but i don't recall anyone referring to the rubik's cube as "the cube".

and, just because i have to say it, o'shea jackson must buy this stuff by the truckload.