LOL 1980's

LOL 1980's. When Cell phones cost $4,000 and air time was $1.00 a minute. Cheaper alternative to impress people. Keep it in plain view in your car and get a busted window for free!

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I'm definitely part of a "special group," but I doubt it's the same one they're talking about.

My suggested addition to the ad: Stick it in your fanny pack!
you ne'er know when a fake phone call will come in handy...
"Yeah, uh huh... I'll take ten thousand shares... that's right. And I'll meet you at my jet in ten. That's right. Going for a bit of R&R up at the homestead in Maui...mhmmm... Sure, all three hot chicks will be there waiting on me hand-n-foot. OK. Gotta go. Greenspan's on the other line. Uh huh... ciao..."
And today...
you can join that "special" group that looks like it's running around with a Blue-Tooth hearing aid!