And the other one's a racial stereotype! Poor thing, he wouldn't even know what to do with them! In fact, we gave him some and he tried to EAT THEM! Those crazy darkies.
Why is there always some pipe-smoking freak who won't go along with the regular guys?
WTF? can you spot the one of five who doesn't like Van Heusen shirts?
I love how bottom guy is cocking a suave eyebrow at the ethnic stereotype not trying to fit in with these shoes.
The text appears to be saying that our native friend would be interested in swapping out family members for Van Heusan shirts.
Surprise! It's the guy with the pipe who doesn't want the shirts. #4 is just waiting for his to come back from the cleaners.

Laundry day clothes, doncha know...
I would like to purchase every single one of these ties for my husband. Also, the tooth necklace.
OH MY EFFING GOD. This wins the UN-PC ad of the millennia award. I'm beyond shocked. I'm FLABBERGASTED!