Soothing Balmy Oils available now at your local veterinary office.
Is exactly right, balmy oils -- and snakey oils and magic beans. "Applied behind the ears and at points flanking the groin with the tip of a cat's tail at the quarter moon in a private south-sloping cemetery on our well-appointed grounds."
I am stealing this and sending it to my mom, who loves to annoy me by sending me stupid emails that she should be checking Snopes for.....
Sometimes I think mom's should never learn how to use the internet. (my apologies to all cool internet savvy moms)
For a second I thought his name WAS Dr. Sanatorium and I was all "gosh but that's convenient."
Soothing balmy oils! I do aromatherapy & from now on anything I make for anyone is going to be called this!
Oh, my! I must let my husband know! It seems he has undergone six months of cancer treatment for nothing!