Wow, that the least atractive ad that I have seen in a long time.
Her breasts remind me of that one painting of Madonna and Child done in the Mannerism style. It always bewilders me, in a time before saline implants, that women would have such perfectly spherical breasts.
I'd had no idea that Electrolux had ever made a gas refrigerator. We had a gas refrigerator when I was a kid, but it was a Servel. We also had an Electrolux product in our house, but it was our vacuum cleaner.
hahahaha, that's funny. they couldn't have picked anything else that seems impossible?
I don't usually associate the Saturday Evening Post with HOTT DEEP THROAT ACTION.

But now I always will.
I wanna read it, and check the kuh-raaaazy art. Got a bigger scan, or a source?