i just love how this implies that household appliances are women's viagra.
Oh yeah, a new garbage disposer always makes want to give it up. Three times a day even.
Apparently they've since removed the "quiet" feature, because mine could wake the dead.
You know what game I used to love playing with it, though? Whenever I peeled an orange, as a kid, I'd dump it all in the garbage disposal and flip the switch. And instantly, the kitchen would explode with the smell of oranges. It was awesome.
"Frees the little woman from disagreeable trips to the garbage can"

little woman?? damn!

And yes, those things really are everlasting!
Ya know, I kind of think I'd rather have, I don't know, NO GIFT AT ALL MAYBE, than a new garbage disposal. Three times a day my a$$.
Haha, I can't think of a gift on earth that would be worth three blow jobs a day...
I dunno, I think if someone got me a garbage disposal right now I'd be all over them. We don't have one. And do you know how much that sucks, not having one? Gods, I want one again. And a stand mixer wouldn't be too bad either.

...Then again, I am a man in love with being in the kitchen. Just don't make me do laundry. I'll do the dishes, just don't make me do the laundry. Seriously. XD
A stand mixer is totally worth sexings. Seriously. I love stand mixers. I LOVE THEM SO HARD. O Kenmore, let me snog you....

I swear, I'm like most guys and their cars, with my kitchen appliances.
Something about putting stuff down one hole must make her want to--oh never mind.
Reminds me of the time my then-husband bought me a vacuum for my birthday. (His mother's idea, the wicked bitch.) He didn't get laid for at least two weeks. With this ad, I'd be reminding the little man that he wasn't getting it three times a day for a very.long.time.
We have an InSinkErator at my Mum's house! Awesome.

The Iron Pig (as we call it in the SCA) is illegal in NC now, though. WTF?
Y'know what else will "free the little woman from disagreeable trips to the garbage can"? Her husband getting off his ass and throwing his own trash away, that's what!

Wow. What a terrible gift.