Facial Mask Commercial

The facial mask yesterday featured in a video, not a commercial, was based on a real product. Linda Evans did infomercials for product about 10+ years ago...

here's commercial segment...watch when they show the eye twitching behind the mask! Gives your face a workout! Shock it into shape!

I've actually used one of those masks (my mum bought one), and it's really painful.
Haha I remember this! When I first started working at Bloomingdale's in 1999, they carried these for a short time.
weren't they like $100+? I remember they were like $125 or something like that...

Linda Evans looks like she's wearing mask without this!
yeah! an expensive piece of crap that looks like a Friday the 13th mask with electrodes. I like the way they use that soft lens effect when they show Linda.
Linda was facially immobile back when botulism was only for canned soup.
I wonder if it recreates Linda Evans' cafe curtain hairstyle, too?
Firm and tone your face, and look like a creepy robot mime while you do it!