I like how they get progressively funnier (to me) as I scan down the page.


Words just fail me that anyone might have actually ordered a Pubie.
hahahahaha i actually laughed out loud at the pubie. i wonder who on earth came up with that. and if anyone bought one.
Well, y'know, yeah.

Doesn't mean I can't still point and snicker, though, 'cause it's silly. ;-)
Is the world ready for a revival of The Pubie? I'm thinking ... Etsy...
The pubie would be a lovely conversation piece on my desk at work. Why not commission a thousand or so and have them set up in a nice little walnut based thatch?
The cig ad
wait... "with a filtered smoothness, a gentle aroma that told me things that Mama never did Like gentle is masculine..."

What, exactly, did the aroma tell you?
I love how the Pubie is just a wire stuck in a piece of wood. It's as daft as a Pet Rock.