AH! Tampax in Palmer! That's the town I grew up in... Given, I'm far too young to remember when the factory was still there...
No. Well, I mean, plenty of people did, but that ad didn't. The ad said that women should be taught that it's a physiological condition and not a pathological one.
I don't know why, but I cannot help but think that the woman going through that guy's pockets is not his wife but a prostitute.
that´s what I thought...then again; does it matter?.......aren´t all women prostitutes???
that´s what some say; it´s the same if a woman sleeps with one man many times or many men one time ... ;)
It's *not* supposed to be a prostitute?

Wow, I guess I have to view it through the idea that wives were dependent on their husbands' income. Therefore no pocket money, therefore stealing their husband's petty change? I'm so glad it's 2009!
I was thinking the same thing... Couldn't figure out if it was the wife looking for the guy's cash or if it was a prostitute looking for cab fare- oh the time's they are a-changin!
Reminds me when I was a kid, I used to do the same with my grandma's purse when she was asleep. ;)
It's an old comedy bit for the wife to riffle the husband's pockets for money.

Because, yeah, in the '40s? Women dependent on hubby for her spending money (unless she worked in a factory).