Do you dare argue with a talking gun? Then again, it's not a very big gun. If you were holding something like that, the barrel wouldn't go much past your fingers.
As I said on another thread: There's something about the combination of cute ("I'm so petite and charming! I'm your new pal!") and deadly that's really disturbing. It's a weapon, not a cartoon character.
I used to own one of those. Then my husband bought me a Bull Dog Pup and then that was the ticket. Except I was very good on the range. Then I was given a Derringer and subsequently proved out on the user-friendly Glock.

Trust me kids, I may be a natural shot but give me a 9 pound fryimg pan every time.
Not too calm for R. Kelly. He pulls out his Beretta (and announces it) several times throughout this series.

My pop has one.
Nice, simple, light handgun, perfect for concealed carry or just plinking for fun.
Very accurate too, since there's so little recoil. And the ammo is dirt cheap.

My only beef is that as the gun heats up, say, on the range, it has a higher likelihood of jamming, because cheap .22 ammo tends to be a little bit waxy. But usually you can just work the slide and out pops the misfed round and you're plinking away again in seconds.
Re: My pop has one.
Little tiny shots often hitting empty soup cans. The sound could be described as a "plink".