I love this ad. And as much as it veers into the realm of propaganda, I love ads that tout the war effort. Contemporary society is cynical enough that I think it would be very hard to create an ad today that melded the two together so well.
What's going on with the apparently random italics?

Her ring is wonderful, it must be said.
I love how the focus of a *large* number of beauty ads in these days was OMG GETTING MARRIED!

If you use this deodorant, you'll get engaged too!
Look, *she's* engaged, and she uses Ivory Soap!
I guess once you actually get married there isn't anything else interesting to look forward to, beauty-wise.
Amazing ad. I love the way they were campaigning about saving package.
Brands should do the same now.
"she gives her face a good creaming..." What, no one's gonna hop on that one? For real?

Plus, I think they confused "adorably pretty" for "plain and frumpy". Good thing she's marrying a Dick, cuz she looks about 35 going on 60. My god, ppl were unattractive between 1930 and 1960...
Nah, they just weren't photoshopped and botoxed to death, so people had less unrealistic expectations of beauty. ;D
What is this ad even FOR? The ring? The cold cream? The war effort?

Also--does anyone else fantasise about more than two kinds of jobs being listed in help wanted ads? Because I would seriously love to screw on rivets all day, just as long as I don't have to sell things to people.