Heh, oddly enough? the "cantilevered heels" for women's shoes has actually come true, though maybe eight years after they were predicted (I have no idea if they were big before, but I've been seeing them all over since last summer)
I've seen this a few times before, but the "and candies for cuties" part still makes me laugh!
They had to have been disappointed.

And ooer at the candy for the cuties part. He may as well have been driving an unmarked white van.
Not necessarily.

Some people DO wear mesh; skirts aren't nearly as popular as in the '30s; we DO have "atmospheres that are scientifically controlled"; we're fitted with telephones and radios (if you count MP3 players); and then there is that frightful thing: the fannypak.

However, the men's fashion really hasn't changed very much.
The one fashion designer about the lack of skirts was more dead-on. They haven't vanished completely, but the girls don't wear skirts all the time. How cute of a clip there. :)
same! That's the designer with the heels...I think his prediction was the closest....now where can I get me that electric bulb to find an honest man!
As well as the other items people have commented on, the afterthought at the end where it says men will carry a phone and a radio with them is also entirely accurate. (even if their depiction is amusingly off)
So THAT'S where my icon came from. Thanks for posting this!

If only they knew how bland most clothes are now.
oh also..the first dress...granted we don't wear anything like that, but dresses and outfit you can dress up or down are very popular. It's the sleeves!
one more...sorry!!
only pedophiles conveniently carry candy :P

So women looked pretty much the same in 2000 as they did in the thirties, but guys wore Batman's utility belt and hats shaped like steering wheels?

Funny - you'd think I would remember that :)

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