Ah this. You know, it's not like men smell like flowers down there either. Some balls wipes wouldn't hurt the world. xD
If you need a deodorizer for your vagina you need to see your doctor pronto.
What's with the text in the upper-left corner that says, "Found in Mom's Basement"?

Sounds like the text "Found in your grocer's freezer" that you sometimes see in other ads.
Well, where is it then? Her ankles? Her elbows? This ad is just too subtle.
Clearly I am not an attractive, nice-to-be-with woman. Man, it must be so depressing to worry about your bits.
Dear Mom, it's lonely here on Cooch Stank Island. I have made friends with the sea-grass. Unfortunately, lobstrosities have bit off my feet below the ankle. Tell all the people who exiled me to this hellish place that once I die from blood-loss, I will haunt their dreams, crotch-first. Love, Shirley.