so what happens if your nipples get hard and it shows through the bra and you have four nipples
That was my thoughts exactly! Quadruple nipples does NOT sound sexy.

And seriously - has the nipple look ever been sexy??? For as long as I can remember, women have NOT wanted their nipples showing.
It was the 70's, there was a -lot- of obvious nipple back in those days. I remember my Mom being horrified on a fairly constant basis by peasant blouses and tight sweaters worn without bras, so apparently some people were really into the protruding nip look.
That's why I wasn't allowed to play at Miz Lyon's house after school. She was a "braless hippie."
I don't really know where to begin with this. I think what really gets me is that there are already nipples built in? I'm confused.
I remember a few years back you could get nipple stick on insert thingies. I beleive we have SATC to thank for it?

Meanwhile, that lacy bra would definitely show under tights tops like that, people would just thing you were loopy!
This is why I wear a bra in the first place! (As I wasn't blessed with size.)
There was a time where hi-beams were considered a good thing?
Yeah, in those days I always had to hit my dimmer switch. LOL!

Now all the rage is still padded t-shirt bras, which I love. I never did like the nipple look. Too trashy!