now is the time for everyone to share their creepy ouija board stories.
GO !!!!!
When I was younger I was told that some family friends of ours had a Ouija board, put it out on the garbage, but it showed back up the next day. And nobobdy knew how it got back to them.

I think this was just told to scare me. Or maybe not. Shoot, it scares me now. lol I was about 11 or 12.

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i've heard stories of that happening before. it certainly scares me!
i always wonder how the board got back. does it... float? because that'd be kind of funny to see. or does it disappear and reappear?!
1) They look way too old to be asking about prom dates, college, and going steady.

2) "Should we go steady?" he asks? No, because she's asking "Are flying saucers for real?" which indicates she's a moron.
Oh man, we used to play with my Ouija board when I was in 6th grade or so, in slumber parties. Six girls, all about 11 or 12 years old -- it was amazing! Some of our "predictions" came true. So forget about the "boy makes the best partner."

We tried it again years later, with the same board. The gold nail in the middle of the planchette (the thing you rest your fingers on, that moves) was gone. It didn't work for us. We weren't sure if it was because the nail was gone, we weren't virgins anymore, or we just didn't believe. But it didn't work.

Mary MMM
"Funny how a boy seems to make the best partner!"

Funny, that's not what my Ouija board tells me...
I think it's time for a Ouija board for the 21st century! A digital planchette with Bluetooth capability! I'll make a million!!
It's funny how you'd never be able to advertise this these days because, of course, it is SATANIC!