It seems odd to me that the ovens are just stuck in the wood paneled wall.

Also, that woman has large breasts.
It's Richard Deacon from the Dick Van Dyke Show! Crazycakes. Mel Cooley!
I know! A few years ago, I was watching an rerun of Good Times and they mentioned microwaves. I'm like they had them in the 70s. I was a youngster in the 70s, but what did I know about appliances. lol
yes! how could i forget that! i LOVE leave it to beaver!!

"see you around the old salt mines ward"....
I guess it's kinda sad that my reaction to the ad was along the lines of "Stacked..oh the woman has large brea...It's Mel Cooley!!"
My parents had that set, minus the Hot food server. LOL. Set into the kitchen cabinets.
Not only was Richard Deacon a big ol' mo, he wrote a Microwave Cookbook, of which I have a well-worn copy, and apparently so can you for a penny. Back when microwaves were still a novelty (shutup) people only used them to heat up coffee, burn (un-packaged) popcorn, and destroy marshmallows. There weren't even Lean Cuisine meals, or Hot Pockets. Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Anyhow, that's why he's pimping microwaves/ogling bosoms unconvincingly.

Did anybody even notice the oven in this ad when it came out?

So to speak...

She's so visibly creeped out by him. If he makes a move, she's slamming the oven door on his nuts.