The Space Cadet, a k a Tom Corbett, is supposed to be in a pressure suit. Those are supposed to be constant-volume (CV) joints at his elbows and knees, so air pressure doesn't leave him splayed out like a starfish. The artist Failed To Grasp The Concept.

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the cowboys, EXCEPT the guy on the far left -!

No, it wouldn't be Tom Swift - it's a likely name, and you're in the cultural ballpark, but he was a slightly different chap.

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Well, I'm pretty sure the guy leading the chestnut is Tom Mix. The guy on the farthest right is Red Ryder (of A Christmas Story fame).

Beyond that, frankly, I'm not entirely sure either!

Sombrero-wearing guy on the white horse is the Cisco Kid. Red shirt guy next to him might be Gene Autry, but I'm not positive. That's certainly Red Ryder at the right, with his juvenile sidekick Little Beaver. Yellow hat guy probably is Roy Rogers.