With that geek in the acrylic sweater and the white polyester pants?!? DON'T DO IT, GURL!!!!
..and Michael Jensen has no idea what a white-knuckle thrill ride he's in for tonight.
Rebecca Greene knows what to wear on Sunday when she won't be home till Monday. Rebecca, a half Cherokee Indian, grew up with horses in her backyard and three sports-crazy brothers who taught her all they knew. ("The other girls were into spelling bees.") Her love for sports led to brief careers as a circus aerialist and a ski instructor. Now she's looking for new fields to conquer. Her fellow seafood lover is Jim, an actor. After clams Rebecca digs our label the most. Happy Legs

Wow, that's...wow. Hello Mary Sue!
Half Cherokee? Hmm...no. Not buying it. And really, why half Cherokee? What does that characterization add to the story? Not a damn thing. If they wanted to use a blond model, they could have just as easily called her a cowgirl from Texas.
It's because everybody wanted to be just like Cher, I assume. Still, she doesn't look even close to being half anything other than maybe Swedish. -___-
Wait: what if it's an ad for prosthetic legs?
Good girls don't put out on Sunday night, Rebecca Greene. IF THAT EVEN IS YOUR REAL NAME.