Yah, well, that's the problem with this technology - jet engines are air-breathing rockets, and they are NOT QUIET. This is why land near airports is cheap... The 'jet belt' of the 1960s was a jet engine backpack with two nozzles, and the shriek of high-frequency, high-decibel sound it made would induce severe hearing damage in minutes without industrial protection. A flying jet car would be even worse. This is not user friendly.

On the other hand, maybe this car is using the Dean Drive.

Ha! My husband says the same thing. We can't have flying cars until they make the same sounds as the cars on the Jetsons. He can even make the sound.
What fun! I'm digging the second "flying carpet" parked on the driveway and the UFO-shaped lawn mower.
I wouldn't want them. There are already too many directions from which I can get hit.
The funny thing is the porch roof looks like solar panels, but we know better.
Yes! Where is my flying car, dammit? I'd also love the bed that makes itself up with a press of a button, please.
I figure the technology is already widely available to make it quiet and the like, but we'll never see it because it isn't profitable to "people who matter, unlike those lesser beings below us."
I think what always amazes me about "future land ads" and even science fiction up to a certain date, is that we have flying cars but ladies still wear dresses and stay at home when the husband goes to work. We can make alllll this alternative stuff up--space travel, flying cars, on and on---but we can't wrap our heads around women working outside the homw. I mean, it is what it is, I'm not preaching, I just find it interesting.

Yes, but remember that these are ads, and even the SF needed to sell, and thus both played to an existing demographic.

This isn't going to sell washing machines.

:) True, but I don't think they could have dreamed that up either. Of course it is easier to imagine change in regards to "things" because of our pursuit of more and ever expanding technology and because "stuff" is always changing, even if it is only cosmetically. With people, it takes a little time and there is a certain comfort in thinking that the social structure will stay the same. As current events are teaching us (again), people do not like personal change. "Space travel? Time travel? Flying cars? Sign me up! Mom working outside the home? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Waitaminutethere, mister. Just what sort of hooey are you trying to sell?"
And every night the monkey butlers will regale us with jungle stories.

How many monkey butlers will there be?

One at first. But he'll train others.