::looks down at boobies covered by a BLUE top::

Aaaack! I apparently didn't get the memo. I fail at girldom.
the thing is, she looks miserable

if that isn't a 'frack you' face, I don't know what is
I can imagine it but it's hard to describe. Have you ever had candy or cake icing with artificial strawberry flavouring that just fails to taste like anything but PINK?
Same principle.
yo, that's Chelsea, from "Chelsea Lately"


had no idea she was THAT old
This is the second time I see this ad posted to this comm.

Someone pointed out the model's expression. On second look, she does look rather morose. Maybe she doesn't like pink.
Nope, this is the first time it's been posted here (I know because I scanned/uploaded the ad myself).
That doesn't mean you're the first to have ever done so, though!

That said, I've been a member of this comm for a pretty long time and haven't seen this particular one before. Maybe the commenter above is thinking of this one, which has indeed been posted here a few times. I don't think most people here mind repeats, though, as long as it's not twice in the same week or something like that. Once you've been here a while, you do start seeing the same ads over and over again -- but that's okay, because they're great!
Yeah, I do recall having seen a similarly pink one not long ago. Maybe confused it with htis one.

I don't mind seeing repeats, though. It's always cool getting another look at ads you didn't think you'd see again. Yes, even the Chase and Sanborn ad with the guy spanking his wife for buying the wrong brand of coffee.