It helps that Sally is 6'2 and has legs as long as Shirley's entire body. Also, why don't I have saddle shoes? They're so cute.
Shirley Simkin is adorable. I wish I could constantly eat between meals and be shaped that way.
And have those shoes, obviously.
Interesting how they've put Shirley in muted earth tones and Sally in red, white and blue. Clearly Shirley is a COMMIE.
Well, for once the brunette wins?

Pencil skirts slim while pleats do not?
Aww, they both have merit. Shirl's just a kid, really, while Sally is clearly on her way to attend study group at Uni.
Once back in 1999, I cracked a molar while crunching down hard on Wint-o-green Lifesavers...