Yep. Whether the advertising message is 'gain weight' or 'lose weight' it's always 'your natural weight is WRONG.'
With a side of 'no matter how delightful your personality, how kind your heart, how sharp your mind, nobody's gonna care if you're the wrong shape, fatso/skinny.'
And really, in this ad the whole idea of 'weight gain' is really code for 'grow bigger boobs!'.
The model still has a teeny tiny little waist. Do those tablets just put on boobs and bum? Hmmmmmmm?
Yeah I know. I just found the ad funny because a thin girl taking weight gain pills is not going to magically get the body like the model. I think one has to be born with an hour glass figure.
The high-waist/girdle trend back then definitely helped to shape women's bodies that way though. Depending on what one wear during her early pubescent formative stages, one's body will, to some extent, form around that.
Nah. My mom and her sisters grew up in that age and the "bigger" figure that's being advertised was basically fighting to maintain as little belly fat as possible while trying to keep all the junk in the boobs and butt. It's just as restrictive as trying to stay unnaturally skinny.
This is great! Thanks for posting! I am going to use this ad in my marketing class to demonstrate how social trends change over time:)