I kind of want to own one. It will definitely leave no doubt in anyone's mind about exactly how classy I am. xD
I called the 1800 number for poops and giggles. It's not in service, and the recorded lady sounded pissed off about it. :(
This is officially the tackiest piece of shit I've ever seen up here. It goes so far beyond the line of good taste that it almost slingshots around the gravity of its own SUCK and turns cool again. But not quite.

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As someone who lives about 30 minutes from Mission, KS, I'm amazed this was produced/sold/based there. Things must've changed since then. A lot. I'm trying to figure out if they changed for the worse or the better...
And are you gonna talk to your Mom on that thing?

It's the HOT line from the Clinton White House.
I can't help but wonder how many of these were actually sold. I'm assuming that Hef, Bob Guccioni, and Larry Flynt ordered a few for their places and office desks... But apart from that, who would do this?
I'd probably buy one because of the utter tackiness and camp value of it. But only at a garage sale or something, you shouldn't have to pay 70 bucks just for camp value.
"Taking serious business calls with that nekkid thing again, eh, Joe?

You need to get out more."
This is the sort of thing that should announce, emphatically, that you are *never getting laid*.