Evel Knievel Sky-Cicle mold

A mold sold in 1975 to make ice pops in the shape of Evel Knievel's Sky Cycle. They call it Sky Sicle here, I call it something else :P

That kid has the most doofy look on his face.

If the phrase "herp derp" were a person, that's what it would look like.
I'll see if I can try to make one myself. Wouldn't actually be able to use it myself though, I only get 15 icons and I'm at my limit and don't want to get rid of any right now.

Also thanks for the internet, I will feed it and hug it and call it George.
blah, I tried to make another icon with the actual phrase I said earlier (changed slightly to make sense out of context), but I couldn't get it to work 'cause I have no idea what that tiny font is that everyone uses for icons.
What would Evel say about all this? Probably nothing, he'd just take another swig from the bottle.
Ha! I had the motorcycle one, because I was a crazy E.K. fan back in the day. I never turned out. The wheels would always break off. I don't recall ever making the rocket one, which is good because after seeing this I'd have to update some childhood memories faced with the new information that either my sister or I were sucking on butt plug shaped popcicles.
Pfft. Do YOU have a photo of yourself with your siblings* in front of the big, fancy iron "EK"-emblazoned gates at Evel Knievel's house in Butte, Montana? HUH?!?

I DO! :P If you don't, then you just can't call yourself a Knievel fan.

BONUS DORK POINTS: We're all wearing Fonzie T-shirts!
Yeah that sky-sicle doesn't look suggestive at all, hahaha, especially the way the kid's eating it.
Another early photo which Richard Hammond doesn't wish to see published.