I made the same face as my kid in my icon when I saw this

80s, I am disappoint
His "stubble" looks like the stubble they painted on some Ken dolls to make them look badass or something.
Because there's nothing more a teenager wants than a jacket decorated in Tulip paints.
Have you all missed the artistry in creating this?

"Designer Metallic paint used in specific areas looks almost like leather. Small pieces of ordinary craft chain are stitched on the yoke, pocket flaps and jacket back. A variety of nailheads add interest and some freehand lettering on the jacket bottom completes the youthful design of this jacket."

I wondered if this guy still had this jacket intact when he got to the end of the hall at school! I can see those chains getting hooked or popped real quick! LOL!
That poor kid would have the snot kicked out of him if he showed up at school wearing that thing. And the fact that he looks like George Michael's younger brother wouldn't help him.
i don't know the parenthood between george michael and the followills of kings of leon, but i'm sure this guy is the singer, caleb.
I'm sorry, but the metallic paint doesn't look at all like leather to me. The jacket looks OK for a girl, but definitely not a guy!
"Just perfect for a teenage boy."

A teenage boy who likes getting the crap kicked out of him on a daily basis.
You know someone's grandmother saw this is Parade Magazine and thought it would be a great gift.

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