I'm trying to decide if I'm more appalled by the message of the ad or that high-button tux jacket.

I'm leaning towards my issue with the jacket.
Wait. So it's saying that wearing a white polyester tux with black lapels will make people want to have sex with me?

Do I have to wear the oversized bow tie and ruffles, too?

I don't know about sex, but I'd tear that tux off in under 60 seconds. It's hideous.

So really, either sex, or just standing around naked in your socks.
Allllllright! The ladies say poly-YES-ter! Gettin' down with the guaranteed sex on your wedding night! Whoa-hoo BABY! Tailoring and garment tech mojo achieving what native horniness, sanctified conjugal obligation or quack aphrodisiac notions NEVER ever could.