Okay, I'm a New Englander and except for the WTF hot dogs and relish, this is the kind of meal I yearn for in the winter. Baked beans and brown bread, and now I'm hungry.

The B&M canning factory is in Portland, Maine, and you can usually get a good whiff of it. Molasses! Yum.
I thought that was brown bread! We used to have that a lot when I was a kid, but I haven't had any for about twenty years. I used to love that stuff. I don't even know if it's still available anymore.
I don't even know if it's still available anymore.

Yup! Next to the baked beans in the prepared foods aisle. O man, is that good stuff. But I sense we're alone in thinking so... ;-)
I'm gonna see if I can find some. I live in Oregon though so it might not be as readily available as it is in New England.
I'm a Texan and I love baked beans and brown bread. Most of the year we can't turn on the oven because it's so hot outside, but in winter months I look forward to baking beans for several hours.
I like their brown bread with raisins...
The ad is really creepy, the black and white kid against that solid background just looks so strange in contrast to the brightly colored foods below.
I don't care how hard you coax me, I will not eat baked beans! The corn relish doesn't sound too tasty either.
That corn relish looks suspiciously creamy. I get a corn relish that looks a little more like pickle relish, but with corn kernels, and it is to D-I-E for good eatin.' Nothing is better on hot dogs!