That is the CUTEST CAR OMFG.

If they still sold it I would totally fucking buy one.
For some reason I'm reminded that Harry Palmer drove a blue Zodiac in the movie "The IPCRESS File."

I don't, however, recall any lion costumes in the movie.

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OMG! My parents had an Anglia, decades ago, then gave it to my brother (also decades ago). Although I was less than five, for sure, I remember it, and that amazing back window. I wish we still had one around. And I wish "wizard" would come into popular use in the US. :D
This is Crazy Ironic: Note... Left hand drive: Obviously NOT for the Brit Market. A friend of mine sent me a photo fo the 61 Anglia his folks drove in Oregon and he learned to drive on. They bought it new from the delaership brand new in late 1960.

I actually prefer the Citroen Ami, but this is a very cool car. I love reverse rake rear windows.
The part about "wizard" drive reminded me that in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," after Harry and Ron miss the Hogwarts Express, they "borrow" Ron's dad's magical Ford Anglia to drive (read: fly) themselves to Hogwarts. I thought it was kind of funny.