I've read stories of people going from their farm off to the big city, to go and pick up a child. I've read of some orphans going to be the new children of a family, and some going to be the unpaid slave help on a farmstead, with a bed in the barn and nothing but scraps and dry bread to eat. This advertisement makes it all so real!

I have an almanac from 1916 that includes advertisements for children's homes. The advertisements discreetly mention that for a certain sum you may nominate a child for sponsorship - translation being "if your daughter or maid has got herself in a predicament, you may place the baby here if you pay us this sum."
See, this is how adoption agencies should work now. They'd really move those babies.
I'm guessing the lack of older females is because they weren't considered as good for farm help as males. :-/
I can't help but wonder what happened to the children listed in the ad. :'(

I think I am most upset that they offer a "Free 90 day trial", maybe even more than the lack of older girls listed (though that is disturbing too).
It's like a Pedophiles R Us shopping list.

I'm sure a lot of these kids found families that loved them but, man...the potential for tragedy is so high.
This ad makes me so sad, mostly because of the probable circumstances of how the kids got there (orphaned, illegitimate babies, etc.) and also how their lives might have been once they were taken, especially the older kids who were likely as not to end up as unpaid farmhands rather than adopted by a family.
"Guaranteed high grade merchandise, no distress goods. Serious bidders only."
Yes! I was like WHAT??? Some of the info on this ad could also be used to give away kittens or puppies. Hmmm....maybe that's where they got some of this ad from??