ALA Camp Library

A classmate in a library science class shared this image is from WWI with us, and I thought y'all might like to see it, too. This sort of thing from the ALA is part of what made it the respected organization it is today, according to our instructor.

(PS: Click for a bigger view, like 1024x905px big)
that is really interesting!!! thanks for posting this!

Also, I decided to do some googling and found that website, with two pertinent pages, if you're interested. :)

I'm under the impression that libraries were one of the big ways the government distributed propaganda during the war, as well as being a way to entertain people. Camp libraries were probably especially so, being for soldiers and sailors.
That's so great! If I had a library, I'd want a framed print of that to hang in it.
I know, right? I love all the WWI propaganda posters I've seen, too - I even managed to snag a print myself from a flea market around here, which is from a French-speaking country and basically says "we work a lot and gossip little" (ie: do more for the war effort by working diligently rather than spending your time chatting) over an illustration of two women doing mending.
It's so rare to see WWI propaganda! Even if it is propaganda, I can't help but feel all nerdy-happy at the thought of reading for victory!
I love this image. Thanks for including the bigger version too!
Art nouveau/deco posters from that period are SO BEAUTIFUL. I have some Suffrage ones I should pull out and share.
Ohh, I'm digging that community. Gonna start following it, definitely. Thanks for the note!