My mom had a recording my dad made using one of those things, or something like it, while he was in NYC right before being shipped overseas during WWII. He sang her a song, and he was totally blotto! I heard it once, and we laughed like crazy.

Unfortunately, they're both gone now, and I have no idea whatever happened to that recording.
My favorite picture of them is one taken with him in his uniform fresh from basic training, and she with a little pooch of a tummy containing my oldest brother. :-)
I *so* remember this! There was a booth at Crystal Beach (and amusement park in Canada across from Buffalo NY) where you'd go in, pay 25¢, and out would pop a 45rpm record of your song. I think I may still have it packed away in my memory box!
My mom once told me that she made a record in one of these things for her boyfriend at the time, during the early 50's.