very good, very good! I bet those are the new rage in Kasickstan or wherever the hell Borat came from ;)
Or Frank Zappa..which is who immediately sprung to mind when I saw Mostly the facial features.......
Man, I don't remember those things from the 70s. And thank god I never got wasted enough to end up in bed with that guy! LOL
lol oh my god those are so ugly.

(And I would definitely kick him out of bed. :P eugh.)
I don't remember how the sound quality was, but those were pretty comfortable, if a bit heavy. My pair was a lovely burnt orange color.
I actually think these are kind of a good idea. Headphones always hurt my ears.
The longer I'm in this community, the more I appreciate the fact that I can remember only the last half of the 1970s.
Why would you both be listening to headphones if you were in bed together? Is it just a weird attempt to sex up the product? Do they have really cranky neighbours who bang on the wall when they get it on to 'Afternoon Delight'?