If I'm been partying all night and I don't come home smelling like a rank barstool, then I'm not having enough fun.
I love the "Science!" bent all these ads have
"...underarm perspiration is diverted to other parts of the body where it can evaporate, without causing humiliating odor." uh, what????

that doesn't sound too 'safe'....and if you could safely effectively divert perspiration to other parts of the body, why isn't that being done on a widespread scale??
That's precisely what happens when you use an antiperspirant; the sweat glands under your arms don't work, so the ones in other areas of your body have to pick up the slack to cool you off. Some people think the aluminum in antiperspirants isn't good for humanoids, but whaddayagonnado?
wow, i just learned how antiperspirants worked! thanks!!!

i am one of those 'some people' who thinks aluminum is deodorants are bad!!! i never buy any that have aluminum....
I work right near 191 Hudson Street. I should go over there and ask for some Odorono.

Also: ARMHOLE! Lol.
went searching for this on wiki and it goes to the who's album 'the who sell out' and it has a pix of pete townsend with a mock up odorono under his arm!


on ebay, two vintage bottles (empty)...


and an UNOPENED little container of powder odorono from the 30s!!

I wonder exactly where they got that "9 out of 10" statistic.

Rigorous scientific study, I'm sure.
I'm wondering about the "ruby-colored" Odorono: does it leave red stains if not completely dry? Because it just says no PERSPIRATION stains. Also, does this mean it lasted through washing your underarms every day for a week, or did it take the place of bathing for a week? I also wonder the same thing about those antiperspirant pads that last for five days? I have too much time on my hands...
I think a lot of people didn't bathe as frequently as we do back then. My Dad was born in 1920 & he used to talk about his "weekly bath" & thought our bathing more often was a little fussy! :-)
My mother used to tell me about my grandma using this stuff - two little bottles on the dressing table, one pink and one clear. Never seen an ad or picture of it before now! I bet the stronger one was nasty to use. Modern 'once a week' deodorants can be pretty harsh and irritating on the skin, and no doubt the 1930s equivalent was just as bad! O__o