Good lord, I want her bed!

While I think being on a "canary bird" diet might weaken your immune system, I'm guessing exercise does just the opposite.
"Eating like a canary" was pretty common for women back then, especially women who wanted to land rich husbands. Add am excercise regimine to barely eating and people got very sick from it.

As for the damn heels, hell women did everything in impossible heels. There are stories about my grandmother cleaning house in six inch cockroach killer heels.

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Oh, that's what she's standing on. I thought it was some kind of weird pedestal or ottoman--an idea only reinforced by the fact that the maid is looking at her like "bitch, u crazy".
I like how the servant girl is giving her a "Wish I had your problems, Mrs. I'm too rich to eat" look.
Is it just me or does the light seem a bit...awkward?

Bright, white, and rich blond on a pedestal scale waving off the darkly lit servant girl bearing a tray laden with evil, fattening food who seems to stare in contempt-or is that envy? smugness at the affair she's having with the blond's husband?- at her mistress.

Or maybe I'm reading to far into this.