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sylphslider 's comments down at the Lysol ad made me think of these:

In 1937 Listerine prevented colds!
1937 Listerine ad

In 1956 Listerine prevented colds and "infectious dandruff"!

1956 Listerine ad:  "No matter what else you do for a cold ... LISTERINE, quick!"

1956 Listerine ad:  "Don't fool with infectious dandruff!"

And as a bonus, here's a link to a Time magazine article from 1976 detailing the Federal Trade Commission's ruling that Listerine could no longer be advertised as a cold remedy or preventative.
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I know many people who swear that a shot of strong liquor will do wonders for a cold.

I can't say I've tried that cure just yet, but some of my colds are so nasty, I might try.