I can't tell whether that sounds disgusting or not; because I hate cream of wheat anyway.
That sounds like a great breakfast if you leave off the cream of wheat
By acting as a repellent to any marriage-breakers, child-snatchers, and rampaging rabies-infected dogs? It might also repel family members, though, so it's best used in moderation.
As I prefer my Cream of Wheat with butter and salt this strikes me as a ... less than appetizing combination.
Well at least it'll get the little bastards to the breakfast table.
I read this as "Cream of Wheat tastes so bad you'll have to bribe your kids with ice cream to make them eat it"

God, I hate Cream of Wheat. Years ago, as a kid, I once made papier mache (sp?) with wallpaper paste and noticed that Cream of Wheat and wallpaper paste seemed to be indistinguishable; in looks anyway.
When I was young, and would see things which took place in orphanages, (Annie, Oliver), and saw them being served gruel, I was convinced that Cream of Wheat was the same thing.

Cream of Wheat is gruel. It's not that nutritious, and doesn't have that much fiber, so don't feel bad for not liking it.
My mum used to to mix my oatmeal and cream of wheat with cocoa powder so I'd eat it. But this? erm...