far puters have come in 24 years!!!

Edited to correct my math!! i can't believe i am typing 24 years in relation to 1986....

Edited at 2010-05-13 03:04 am (UTC)
Can we say SUPERNERD?

My god, did Radio Shack PURPOSELY make that kid look as geeky as possible??
My thought was, "This kid doesn't need a kiddie interface. He needs to get back to hacking several systems on Wall Street so he can retire at age 12 to a country that refuses to extradite!"
What looks and feels like a book, and has the computing power of a pocket calculator? THE NEW ELECTRONIC BOOK FROM RADIO SHACK!
Sorry, the $7,000 computer has the fast ASCII graphics card. This one will give you 0.06 fpm
Wow a whopping six optional packages, which are probably way more than this price....I noticed they didn't mention what those cost. Plus this is after you have the computer.