Egg Cuber

 Why someone would want to do this to a perfectly good hard-boiled egg?  I have no clue.

Me too! I'm just getting into bento making. But I bet a lot of bento makers would snap this up.
It does. I grew up using one - and ... now don't have one. I lost it in the divorce! I'll have to find another one.


Exactly...what a great conversation piece for a flop party! Although the shape could be off-putting to some! What bird laid these???
I bet square eggs would fit well in some bentos. The Hello Kitty ones are cuter, though.

I wonder if you could cut them in half after and make square deviled eggs?
I've known for a long, long time that something precious was missing from my life. And now I know what is was. CUBE SHAPED EGGS! LOL
I don't like being reminded that hard-boiled eggs are about the same consistency as gelatin. Eggs are already icky enough to me. :(