Wow, these are gorgeous! I like how the first lady seems to view the snap-open pack as some kind of earth-shattering revelation.

The only explanation for the third image is a black-light bulb on the dashboard - from the car radio, maybe. (Her teeth are actually glowing.)

The ads are amazingly beautiful, even if the model does look disturbingly like Zac Efron.
Yes, these are really pretty. I especially like the 2nd one. (I don't like cigarettes, but I do like the pics.)
Those are absolutely gorgeous. You're right, they do seem too pretty to be advertising for cigarettes.
They're gorgeous; they really seem to glow. The first two look like winter and summer; amazing lighting. He seemed to have a thing about thick dark eyebrows though.

And yeah, the third woman's teeth should be the same colouring as the guy's or the previous woman's.