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Meh. A different group of women was shamed and told to buy supplements to "fix" them in the 20s/30s. I mean, it's refreshing to see somebody else get put down for not being sufficiently fuckable, I suppose, but it's not really a "yes! I love this" sort of ad.
Re: yes
You are of the opinion that this ad is nice to see. I am of the opinion that it is not. I'm not really sure how this counts as me dictating your emotions.
Ladies, your bodies are deviating from the social norm. Stop that. Fortunately, thanks to modern science, you now have no excuse for looking the way you do! Isn't that wonderful?
Yes, heaven forbid any woman is happy with her body (size, shape, type, etc.)! Too skinny? Do this horrific sounding 'ale yeast' program and you'll bulk right up!

Too fat? Staple that stomach, ladies!

I could go on and on about all the brazillion ways we ladies must conform in some way or another. But I think your comment said it better than this mess I've typed, lol^.^

*I think I shall blame it on the jet lag. Now I am in Hawaii, there's no excuse for jetlag!!
It doesn't matter what you do, Maude - he just can't get over how skinny you were a few weeks ago. He has seen the frail, unappealing you, and it cannot be unseen. Once a beanpole, always a beanpole, that's Dracula's motto.

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".... that's Dracula's motto..."

OMG EXACTLY!!! lol. That's totally what I wanted to say. That guy looks nuts. He looks exactly like a Dracula!

"1 yeast capsule... 2 yeast capsule....3 yeast capsule AHH HAHAHA!"
guess they never had McDonald's in those days so you could eat your "skinny" away.....
And 24 hour Walmarts! In the US, there really is no excuse for being skinny. I'd object to disembodied, effeminate heads criticizing my figure, though.
What I hate most about this ad is the woman saying "now I know there is no excuse for being skinny," in other words, there's no excuse for her being what may be her natural body shape.) No matter the era, women just can't win when it comes to body type/shape...we're told we're too skinny, too fat, our boobs aren't big enough, or they're too big, etc. I think this ad is indicative of all this type of stuff, and what's so sad is that we still have ads telling us no matter what, we're not good enough. /rant

I remember this one. It's just so great because both appear to be yelling at each other's faces.