July 6th, 2011

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CONTEST ENTRY: "He is a confidence man ... THANK GOODNESS!

From BOAC (which I've flown!, good lord, how old AM I?) aka the British Overseas Airways Corporation (later, British Airways), 1959

*hilarious sudden twist headline
*odd hand positions
*lady in 2A's hair is on fire?
*this is not steerage, I gather, but "de LUXE"
*charming, charming ageism
*ellipses are... overused ... and where dashes would be better ... sometimes in the wrong place too.

My favorite line: "Frankly, we ourselves don't know quite how."

Click to see 800x1034 version.  A much larger version (2048 x 2864) can be found HERE on Flickr.


The COLORS.  The illustrations!  The two-toned woman who is all things to all people all day.

TWA (Trans World Airlines), 1965

ETA: further info - "American illustrator David Klein designed some of the most successful travel posters of the postwar era. A huge success on Madison Avenue in the 1950s, Klein won numerous awards for his work on the TWA campaign."
See the man himself with his New York/TWA poster, here.  The man was a genius - he even made Air Cargo sexy.   Image search is worth your time; his New York, San Francisco, and esp. St. Louis ones are stunning, and his non-commercial art is lush and psychedelic.

Bounce fabric softener, 1986

I thought I posted this ad this morning, but it turned out I accidentally posted it to my own journal :p (no wonder I didn't get any comments on it) Anyway for those that saw my previous ad (the one for Eckrich Farms smoked sausage) before it was deleted (sorry, I accidentally the rules), this is the Bounce ad I mentioned wanting to find at the end. Except I thought the song was Van Halen's "Jump" and it obviously isn't. Oh well.

I actually pretty distinctly remember the people falling backward into that giant ... blanket ... towel ... thing.

CONTEST ENTRY: Germany! Beautiful, large, large Germany.

Ah, Germany, your bypaths* of beauty beckon so alliteratively!

I harken to the throbbing song of the waves playing on your North Sea beaches.

I tour Karlsbad, Germany; Wiesbaden, Germany; Dresden, Germany; Berlin, Germany, Vienna, Germany  

Vienna, Germany?

Oh, riiiight.

German Railroads Information Office, 1939.

*A private path; an obscure way; indirect means. "God known, my son, By what bypaths, and indirect crooked ways, I met this crown. Shak.