July 21st, 2011



"Solventol is a product of this scientific age.  It stems from the same modern chemical research that gave the world nylon, cellophane and plastics.  Through the latest developments in synthetic organic chemistry it brings you an entirely new cleaning principle."
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MOD POST let's have fun while i melt.....

it is 111+ degrees here and the humidity is also high....it's not normally this hot here, as i know some parts of the country (US) has temps like this all the time.....i'm melting and descending into madness (more so than my usual state of).....i'm gonna go sit outside under a sprinkler....or i might put on my winter coat and boots and pretend to be shoveling snow from my driveway....

since a lot of the US is having a heat wave and many of us are suffering, let's post ICE COLD FROSTY WINTER TYPE ADS!!!! YES!! Today and tomorrow (another scorcher) let's post, in addition to our contest and regular ads, ads for ice cold drinks, snow stuff, cooling activities, etc.....

i'll start....i wish i had one of these right now....

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GTE Sprint, 1986

A repost, but per Madame's request, here is some "snow stuff":

I want to go there! I would gladly trade places with that dude as long as I didn't have to wear that outfit. Okay, I'll wear the outfit. Just take me there! 

Kool-Aid, 1960


You know what's weird? I went to 2 different stores yesterday looking for Kool-Aid or a reasonable facsimile and I couldn't find it anywhere. Do they still sell this stuff? 

ETA: My quest is complete! I returned to the store this morning and since a lot of stocking was going on, I was able to ask someone where it was. It was next to the popcorn and cans of mixed nuts. Of course! How could I have possibly missed it? Thanks everyone for encouraging me not to give up! :D