November 21st, 2011


Radium and You

Radior wasn't the only company marketing trace amounts of dangerous radioactive substances:

Thoradia & others packaged radium (and thorium, hence the name) into some astonishing products.

Many of them were beauty aids, creams, lotions, soaps, etc. The most striking ad is this one:

And its many variants:

  All pics enlarge!

But the best ones are the places you'd least expect radium.  In chocolate, condoms, and knitting wool - seriously.

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FINALLY!!! Yes i am FINALLY posting the winner of our 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' contest!! i'd like to thank everyone for their patience and for their condolences, THANK YOU!!! and yes, it took 2 days but i also got my tub unplugged...gonna have a handyman check it out to ensure the pipes weren't damaged by my toxic soup i put down 'em!!!

Congrats to write_light!!! this is our contest winner, i wonder if there's still bottles of this floating around??

here's your award and many thanks, as always, to bitterlawngnome for making our monthly awards!!!

WEDNESDAY, yes THIS wednesday, i shall be posting a Hall & Oates primer (under a cut of course) to better prepare everyone who wants to participate this upcoming FRIDAY in our very first HALL & OATES DAY!!!! :D ads based on their songs!!! and i'll get more into that on Wednsday with the 'primer' and then Friday should be fun for those of us who are safe at home!

STARTING DECEMBER 1st---HOLIDAY ADS CONTEST....yes, december holiday, hanukkah, kwanza, yule, santa, the grinch, elves, etc....those types of holiday ads.....

after we've selected the winner for our holiday ads contest, we will have an 'AD OF THE YEAR' contest where we'll select one from all the monthly winners!!!! and i discovered when i was tagging awhile ago, that one winner earlier in the year left LJ entirely and their winning ad/post is gone! so hopefully things will be calm here the next few days (giving my critters a leery eye and my tub) and i can find that and the 2nd place winner will be the new winner for that month---i'll make that clear when i post the entries for ad of the year too.....and i'll message the 2nd place person so they know they're now a winner!! :)

for y'all wanna do winter ads again?? i know several people liked that idea....(yes i know it's summer in some parts of the world).....or should i pull a few different options from the cup so you can choose from them?? just let me know!!!

FEBRUARY, noluck_boston someone (i am sorry i have forgotten, tired, still sick) but some community member said that the week of February of 12-18 is 'jello' i believe our february contest shall be JELLO ADS....i know we've done that one before but it's been over a year and there's just so many JELLO ADS!!!

Reynolds Oven Bags (1986)

I understand putting the turkey in a bag, but putting the stuffing in a bag in a turkey in a bag? Seems like overkill. Besides, don't the turkey juices flow into the stuffing anyway? I used to use these until one time the edge of the bag touched the side of the oven and it began to smoke. It emitted some really noxious fumes that hung in the air for hours! I figured at least some of that had to be leaching into the food. :P  

Besides, ever since I learned how to brine a turkey, I don't need these!