December 9th, 2011


Today's radium WTF

Revigator (ca. 1924-1928)

Intended to add radioactivity to drinking water.

Advertised by the company as "an original radium ore patented water crock," it sold in the hundreds of thousands between 1922 and the mid-1930s.

As a company brochure stated, "Results overcome doubts." "The millions of tiny rays that are continuously given off by this ore penetrate the water and form this great HEALTH ELEMENT--RADIO-ACTIVITY. All the next day the family is provided with two gallons of real, healthful radioactive water . . . nature's way to health."

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1950's Blaupunkt Television

Way before they went deep into the car audio market, they were big in television. A 1950's TV with super High - Fidelity surround sound. Who knew?

I think that doll is Chuckie's grandmother.

Google translation:
The eye is much more sensitive to visual disorders than for the ear akustiche. When buying a TV, we suggest it is therefore doubly important to look not only at an advanced design but also the other benefits of a premium brand manufacturers: Bildstabilitat, reliability and long life. Sound and image, BLAUPUNKT - TV are real. The sine-synchronous circuit, the contrast - automatic control, good control of the contour, the automatic brightness control are basic benefits, the print in the quality of the image, not the price of the device. All BLAUPUNKT - TVs are the new SUPER - HIGH - FIDELITY surround sound system Equipped. Receiver table: Chests:
Combination Chests:

BLAUPUNKT radio, TV and car radio - receiver can be found in any good radio - Fachgeschaft.