February 14th, 2012

The way the family is looking back towards the kitchen made me think they're up to something...

Dad: Is everything in position, Susie?
Susie: Yeah dad. I've stretched the fishing-line tripwire across the doorway--
Billy (interrupting):--and I rigged it to open the cage full of rabid marmosets!
Dad: Good. Just a little bit longer, and--
Mom: Okay everyone! Who wants turkeeeyYYYYYYYAAAAGH! Who put that fishing line there? Wait--what are those things? What ARE those things? Harold? Billy? Su--oh god get them off me. GET THEM OFF ME!
(a few frantic, snarling minutes later)
Dad: ...Well, that was quite entertaining. But, it looks like Mommy number 284 didn't work out quite so well. Oh well, there's always tomorrow...