November 3rd, 2012

War ... and the Family Man

The Union Central Life Insurance Company, 1941

I think the message is "Can't fight? Buy some insurance!"

A 1944 PSA from the War Advertising Council, leading the fight against higher prices and... higher wages??  Inflation solution = increase poverty! :D   Actually a lot of the advice is good financial responsibility - pay the lowest price, pay off debt, save.

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Foosball Sportsystem Franchise (1970)

Foosball! Because eventually people will grow tired of playing those boring pinball machines and something will have to take their place. Oh, and women love hanging out in places that have these! 

Another make money in you spare time working from home scheme. Back then, these scammers had to actually shell out some money for advertising instead of just filling your inbox with spam for free. 

foosball franchise PM Feb 1970

If $200 in 10 days is considered a "fortune," I think that's all the information you need right there. 

Also, this might have made a good "where are they now" ad. I tried to find an "alms building" in Cincinnati. Could it be this one


whilst my brain is semi-operational.....haha.....

today we're doing clocks and time....and yeah, i'm sometimes ignorant, i've learned canada is turning their clocks back tonight too (and i'm sure other countries!) and that many countries turned back their clocks last weekend!!!

this upcoming tuesday is STILL going to be election ads....i'll post a reminder monday night for that....

for our friends who have been without power we are delaying the start of our contest....and when they get power back and get back to being online, they are more than welcomed to post a fake ad for 'ads in disguise'....i hope that no one has been hurt and that inconveniences have been few!

we still need weekend theme ideas for december and beyond....and.....should we have a 'end of the world' theme december 21?

clock theme: Dillard's watches (1991)

You have to set your watches back, too. Unless you live in advertising land, where it's always ten after ten. Really, check it out. Watch ads showing other times are rare these days because advertisers believe this is the best way to show the hands. I've heard it said that it has a subliminal "happy face" effect. 

Dillards watches TM Oct 91

I think these watches are pretty, but I HAVE to have numbers or I get confused.