November 5th, 2012

Political Ads Event......

saw a member posted a couple ads....let's just start it now, some of us might be standing in lines tomorrow (oh i hope not! i went to vote early friday but the wait was over an hour and half---i guess more like 2+ hours---outside in the freezing rain and no, just no....i'll go tomorrow....) so we might as well post some today!!! :)

here's my copy/paste from a previous announcement---i think when i copy/paste i am saving a tree...i mark it down in my 'dear al gore, you'd be proud of me today' i don't have such a book, but i like al gore jokes...manbearpig! i'm serial!

we have a politics tag too!

November 5 &6th: OneTWO day event---VINTAGE Election Ads! and please, no politicking, i mean it, we are strictly Hall & Oates 2012 here!! Okay if you wanna run Captain & Tenille 2012, fine....Simon & Garfunkel 2012, get the idea, we are FUN and friendly here and if y'all have facebooks i am sure you have seen enough political posts to either defriend people, gouge your eyes out, scream, or wanna write in Mr. Potato Head---i did that once in a local election.....we ALL have candidates we support i am sure---or we are neutral like the Swiss---but let's just have fun with vintage election ads....or posting ads of people we'd have liked to have seen in uh yeah, Hall & Oates 2012! :)